Brett Lee Cricket Trainer

Soft Micro Ball Bowling Machine

The Proball Trainer is the perfect bowling partner for batting practice just about anywhere.

The Proball Trainer is light weight and portable.

  • Builds Visual activity and hitting accuracy
  • Automatically bowls soft practice balls every 5 seconds
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Bucket feeder that holds up to 26 balls
  • Adjustable pitch height
  • Ideal for practicing hitting just about anywhere
  • Delivers balls at 49 kmph at a distance of 7 metres with realistic flight

The Brett Lee Cricket Machine comes with 9 balls.


Brett Lee cricket trainer on YouTube


Brett Lee Baseball Glove

Australian Cricket Star “Brett Lee” has developed his own specially design Baseball Glove, the rage of Baseball Gloves are suitable for cricket players during their training drills. The Baseball Gloves are available in a range of sizes and colours and are also available for both right and left hand throwers.

 The Brett Lee Baseball Glove is a13 inchglove making it suitable for all players.



Brett Lee Cricket Trainer
36 Pack Soft Micro Balls


Trainer Stand


Brett Lee Bucket of Balls


Brett Lee Stand Box